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A Mesh Network that connects people and assets without internet.


Provide connectivity

In the Lunaº Mesh topology there is no central connection point. Instead, each node is connected to at least one other node which is connected to multiple other nodes. Each node is capable of sending encrypted messages to and from other nodes. The multiple Lunaº Mesh nodes act as relays, passing or hopping on messages towards their final destination. In the Lunaº Mesh network messages are:

  • Received faster as the route to the intended recipient is short via the end-to-end encrypted mesh based topology.
  • Always reaching its destination as they have many possible routes on which to transmit.
  • Multiple connections, meaning no node is isolated and each node can transmit to and receive from more than one node simultaneously.
  • Built for expansion and new nodes can be added without interruption or interfering with other nodes.
  • Increasing, the more nodes deployed, the faster the network transmits data.
Connect and Transmit Data
Messaging and Calling
Video Calling
Financial Transactions
Movable Beacons
Peer To Peer Connectivity
Smart Connectivity

Movable Beacons

Specifically aimed at Intelligent Asset and Risk Management

The Lunaº Mesh Smart Asset Monitoring System (SAMS) postulates an omni-directional Asset-to-Asset (A2A) communication mechanism, where each asset becomes a node on its own. The SAMS system’s Vehicle Node to Vehicle Node, Vehicle Node to Static Node, Vehicle to Aircraft Node and Aircraft Node to Static Node specifically communicate and stream data as part of the key protocol for Lunaº Mesh sensor network applications. The Lunaº Mesh SAMS applications platform is an end-to-end system that periodically monitor asset movements, enhancing application intelligence for:

  • Tracking for and tracing of assets;
  • Risk management and insurance-on-demand solutions;
  • Vehicle and asset priority;
  • Traffic congestion;
  • Vehicle and Asset management and maintenance;
  • Road safety;
  • Origin and destination management information systems in supply chain management platforms;
  • Multiple other intelligent asset movement applications.

The Lunaº Mesh SAMS platform is a priority based on-demand system since it can communicate interactively and directly with nodes in movement, integrated with static nodes and base nodes through intermediate hops using Wifi, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency, GSM, GPRS and Internet. The SAMS platform’s algorithm is designed for pre-emptive actions to avoid conflicted data messaging and mitigate priorities. Upon receiving a data message from e.g. an emergency and or VIP vehicle and or any compromised asset like a stolen vehicle etc., the SAMS platform hops processed data messages immediately because of its higher priority. So, in reality a VIP vehicle’s priority is less compared to an emergency vehicle whereas a normal vehicle, has the lowest priority in time required to process the data streaming.

Lunaº Mesh Characteristics

Transact without internet

The Lunaº Mesh topology provides a reliable secure communications network. The key characteristics of the Lunaº Mesh Network are:

  • ED448 encrypted data steaming.
  • Own proprietary protocol.
  • Transaction facilitation and data verification without internet support.
  • Smart contract execution without internet support.
  • P2P Video streaming and encrypted messaging.
  • Interoperable external connections to Internet, 5-2G, GPRS, GSM and other mesh networks.
  • Secure and intelligent telemetry, IoT and AI device management.

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